Functional Insights of Plant GSK3-like Kinases: Multi-Taskers in Diver…

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Molecular Plant, Volume 8, Issue 46 April 2015, Pages 552-565 

Functional Insights of Plant GSK3-like Kinases: Multi-Taskers in Diverse Cellular Signal Transduction Pathways (Reviews) 

Ji-Hyun Youn, Tae-Wuk Kim


The physiological importance of GSK3-like kinases in plants emerged when the functional role of plant GSK3-like kinases represented by BIN2 was first elucidated in the brassinosteroid (BR)-regulated signal transduction pathway. While early studies focused more on understanding how GSK3-like kinases regulate BR signaling, recent studies have implicated many novel substrates of GSK3-like kinases that are involved in a variety of cellular processes as well as BR signaling. Plant GSK3-like kinases play diverse roles in physiological and developmental processes such as cell growth, root and stomatal cell development, flower development, xylem differentiation, light response, and stress responses. Here, we review the progress made in recent years in understanding the versatile functions of plant GSK3-like kinases. Based on the relationship between GSK3-like kinases and their newly identified substrates, we discuss the physiological and biochemical relevance of various cellular signaling mediated by GSK3-like kinases in plants. 


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